The Diya Hope Football Academy Group is a group of companies which in partnership with former Ballon D’or winner and African Footballer of Century, George Weah are rolling out a set of football academies for the football stars of tomorrow all over the world. 

The Diya Hope Football Academy network around the world is based on a proud partnership between African Footballer of Century and Ballon d'or winner, George Weah and Indian businessman, Nirav Tripathi. For many years Mr Tripathi has considered the empowering nature of sport around the world. As someone of Indian origin Mr Tripathi recognised the transformative nature of cricket in his home country. As a passionate football fan he also has recognised the parallels in The World Game and its capacity to change lives.  In meeting and partnering with Mr George Weah it was clear that both had a determined vision for a platform to truly give hope, opportunity and sustainable pathways to achieve. 

Inspired by the life and career of the great George Weah, the academies are built to foster talent and provide pathways to hope and future for millions of young people. This partnership will see a network of academies established around the world. These academies will also provide the multi-dimensional support for students in the academies to ensure that they have a positive future regardless of if they break through to the footballing stage.

The key for this initiative will be to roll out academies in places where there is an under-developed footballing marketplace to allow students to secure the best training and development in the world. Our students will not go without in their football education; from facilities, coaches through to nutrition programs and education facilities as well. 

The model

All our students will be contracted to the Diya Hope Football Group when they come into the program. As a part of the contract, we will provide the agent services for the students to move into the professional world and install mandatory fees in the contracts to ensure that not only is the academy paid for developing the talents but also ‘sell on’ clauses will mean that the academy is being paid from any on sale of players that clubs make of the players in their later years.

All our agents will be FIFA accredited agents and will be assigned to players independently of the academy they are in to ensure that their interests are being maintained and that there is no conflict of interests. 

Our coaches will all be accredited coaches, endorsed by George Weah and the partner club to the academy. This will ensure that there is a close link to the partner club but also makes sure that the players are well rounded, skilled up and ready to develop to the standard where they can make it on the world stage. 

The academies are designed on the best developments in the world. From the development facilities at the best national academies in the world mixed with the best club facilities from leagues such as the MLS; we are here to develop the best and built the best facilities in the world. 

As a part of the agreement between African Footballer of the Century, the first academy will be rolled out in Liberia, the home of George Weah. The academy will be in the heart of Monrovia looking to develop the next George Weah. 

This facility will be a state of the art greenfield development to bring a state of the art facility to the country to honour all that George Weah has given to Liberia. 

This centre, when developed will be the most expensive academy on the African continent. This will be the hub for not only all youth development in Western Africa but also will be the main centre for European clubs to scout from. 


The football will be based on a 20 hectares land, in a conducive environment for sporting. The evaluation for the appropriate venue will be conducted based on the propositions made by the world football governing body, FIFA. The football facility have the features corresponding to the best football academies in the world. To begin with, the academy will have a sand-based natural turf pitch and grandstand. Moreover, it will have two full-sized turf fields where major trainings will be happening. The turfs are fitted with floodlights for lighting during the night, or early in the morning. Additionally, the football academy will have six synthetic mini-pitches. The facility will include clubrooms facility with ten changing rooms. The rooms will be fitted with high quality facilities such as bathrooms. Moreover, offices will be constructed for the administrators, coaches, and other people who may need to use them. A café will also be added near the clubrooms to offer dining services to the members of the academy. 

For the purpose of indoor activities, the state of the art facility will include a 7500sqm indoor multi-sport stadium featuring eight indoor courts. Further, there will be land will be set aside to build a gymnastics centre, fitted with the most technologically advanced gym equipment.