DiyaAuckland Scouting Policies

Our Academy utilizes both coaches and scouts to identify prospective players. Individuals identified through scouting may be offered an opportunity to participate in a scheduled player trial or included within the appropriate age group team training.

Strict policies govern the scouting process and the manner in which scouts or members of our Academy Technical Staff conduct themselves. Our Scouts and/or Technical Staff are required to adhere to the following philosophies and procedures:

  • Identify and attend events based on scouting needs of the Academy
  • Maintain integrity of scouting process by avoiding any on-field contact with prospects
  • Provide identification as a Diya Hope Football Academy Auckland (DHFAA) scout if asked by club or event officials
  • Submit scouting report from any event attended to appropriate Diya Hope Football Academy Gujarat (DHFAG)personnel
  • Determine if additional observations of player is required before offering trial invitation
  • Our procedure for contacting a player is as follows:
  • Scouting evaluation recommends offering trial

DHFAG contacts player’s home club Director of Coaching about trial invitation

  • Player is extended invitation to participate in scheduled trial or team training session
  • Evaluation of player provided to home club Director of Coach following trial
  • Decision taken by the Diya Hope Football Academy Auckland (DHFAA) and communicated to all parties