This academy will be targeting 12-18 year old players from New Zealand and the South Pacific nations (Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, PNG, Cook Islands and Vanuatu). This academy will provide not only the development systems in a football sense for all of these countries (which need it to compete) but will also lift educational attainment standards for young people from these nations as well. This academy will make sure that no matter what becomes of the students, the academy is here to change their lives in whatever field they pursue. 

We genuinely want to make sure that this academy is delivering for the whole of the Pacific. It is to this end that we will ensure that in each nation, we are running camps each year for our technical staff to scout your potential to become a part of our program; or just take in the skills taught during the camps.

All of the camps and trials we undertake will be attended by our scouts, searching for the best talent to join our programs in Auckland on a full time basis. 

We want the academy to grow to have 100-200 students in the full time residency program at any one time through out the age groups. 


Academy scouts observe matches on a weekly basis and are directed and delegated accordingly by the Head of Player Recruitment for the Diya Hope Football Academy (Auckland). These scouts will be observing matches across New Zealand and the Pacific at the junior levels. This process will be on top of our recruitment event models that will be rolled out.

The academy recognizes each individual scouts aptitude for identifying talent and places them in the appropriate development phase of the talent identification model.

All scouts must conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner and observe the highest standards of integrity and fair dealing. Our scouts can be identified by a black Diya Hope Football Academy (Auckland) polo top and will possess business cards, as well as a Diya Hope Football Academy (Auckland) Identification card, at all times.

Our scouts will report back to the Head of Player Recruitment. 

summer holiday camps

The camps are available to players of multiple abilities seeking to learn all aspects of the game in a fun and positive environment. Conducted by our Professional Youth Coaches, the camps offer instruction in both the technical and tactical elements of the game. All training sessions involve a wide range of soccer-specific skills including: ball mastery, technical development and team play.

These are camps that will be run in a variety of locations over a week of professional training with our staff.  Summer camps offer players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to be part of the Diya Hope Football Academy family. We utilise  these camps sa the first step in identifying potential players for the full time residency program at the Diya Hope Football Academy based in Auckland. There is no better way to develop elite-level players than by training alongside the professionals on the world class facilities all endorsed by African Footballer of the Century, George Weah. The camps offer participants a diverse content and an intense learning experience in a dynamic environment.

Academy coaches conduct specialized training sessions to teach players fundamentals of the game, with an emphasis on a repetitive learning process. Individual skill development is the main focus of the program, while also using small-sided games to develop the skills of the players and put the players through their paces.

elite training programs | etp

Elite Level supplemental training is designed for high level competitive players with a hunger to achieve more in the game.  An opportunity for players to receive club neutral additional training with  professional staff through a curriculum built to help players master core skills needed to participate in the Diya Hope Football Academy (Auckland). 

ETP | Skill Builder

A 6–10 week ETP focusing on the development of technical skills. This program is offered during the winter in multiple locations, using indoor facilities, e.g., domes, gymnasiums or futsal halls.

The program focuses on developing and refining technical skills for individual control and mastery of the ball. Constant contact with the ball through individual and small groups activities provides a challenging and competitive environment for development.

ETP | Tactics Trainer

A 6–10 week ETP focusing on the development of individual and group tactics for attack and defense. This program is offered during the winter in multiple locations, using indoor facilities, e.g., domes, gymnasiums or futsal halls.

The program focuses on developing an understanding of the player’s role in small groups for attacking, defending and transitioning between the actions. Small-sided games and activities provide a challenging, competitive and demanding environment for development.


Our goalkeeper camp provides a supplemental training program for motivated boys and girls in a professional club environment. Participants follow an official Diya Hope Football Academy (Auckland) training program that includes footwork, diving, handling, shot stopping, crosses, distribution and organization. All training sessions have been developed by our Head of Goalkeeping/1st Team Goalkeeper Coach.

With practice, attitude and encouragement you can become a better goal scorer! We focus on ball striking, finishing chances, penalty area positioning, shooting off a dribble, pass, cross or combination, as well as recognition of scoring opportunities through a wide variety of shooting games and practices designed to create realistic game situations. Theses practices provide hundreds of opportunities to score goals and develop the most difficult skill of all.


We have a strong reputation for developing elite soccer players and respectful young men who are capable of succeeding in both soccer and non-soccer settings. Each season we assist our players in either signing a professional contract with our independent agents acting as their representatives to ensure that their playing careers develop.

There are three mechanisms by which we search for talent: 

  • Camp ID
  • Trial ID
  • Scouting ID 

These trials will be run all over Auckland and through out the Pacific during the Summer of the year before admittance into the residency program based in Auckland. We will be delivering these trials in a more formal basis then the other camp based programs. Students identified in the camps as potential participants in the program can be either directly admitted into the program or in some cases, will be asked to participate in the formal trials when they are undertaken in their region (or elsewhere, where the Academy will help with travel costs to fund participation). 

The Academy Training Program is a tryout-based program that provides competitive soccer players (ages 8 - 13) the opportunity to train in a professional academy environment. Led by the Diya Hope Football Academy Staff. The Development Academy Training Trials provides a highly competitive environment to enhance individual player development. Activities are tailored to challenge players in the following areas: technical actions with the ball, athletic movements with and without the ball, decision-making processes with and without the ball, awareness and brain processing with and without the ball, etc. All sessions also include games/live play for players to work on topics and demonstrate their abilities in a match setting.

Age criteria:

  • U12 – born on or after January 1, 2006
  • U13 – born on or after January 1, 2005
  • U14 – born on or after January 1, 2004
  • U15 – born on or after January 1, 2003
  • U16 – born on or after January 1, 2002