Diya Hope Football Academy (gujarat)

We are looking for young talented players who have the passion, ability and desire to pursue a pathway that may lead to a career in professional football.

Gujarat state is the home of Nirav Tripathi. This is the place that gave birth to the dream of the Diya Group of Companies and then the Diya Football Group and the Diya Hope Football Academy Group. It is therefore poetic that the first academy will be developed in the home of George Weah and the second in the home of Nirav Tripathi. 

Students in the intake will receive the finest educational and footballing training possible. This is a full time residency program for our students. Residency is designed to maximize a player’s potential on and off the field through a “football lifestyle” philosophy linking technical and personal development.  By integrating training, education and accommodation, all conveniently situated in Ahmedabad.  Residency provides the perfect conditions to develop and prepare elite athletes for the mental and physical demands of professional environments players need to be ready for in Europe, Asia and North America. 

We model our academies from the systems deployed in Europe and the American MLS. 

This academy will be the exclusive Indian feeder club for the Gujarat ISL Expansion Bid when it enters the MLS and will be the Indian base for recruitment of clubs owned by the Diya Football Group (DFG).


Provide a superior football education within a professional club environment, where young, talented athletes can realize their potential by embracing the philosophy, values and culture of the Diya Hope Football Academy mantra, in the process growing into quality individuals, respected teammates and outstanding players with the potential to become professional athletes.


  • Develop players through a clear and consistent style and pattern of play.
  • Foster a commitment to the club above all and an understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the development process.
  • Place long-term results over immediate gains to most benefit player growth.

about the Indian super league

Per research undertaken by the Football Benchmark team of KPMG Sports practice, the leagues of the United States, India and China, now rival the Big Five European leagues when it comes to attracting supporters through the turnstiles. 

The USA’s Major League Soccer (MLS), India’s Super League (ISL) and China’s Super League (CSL) have all surpassed 20,000 in terms of average attendance.

The challenge is cricket’s dominance: cricket’s Indian Premier League is worth about $3.67 billion, according to London-based Brand Finance Plc, compared with the $200 million paid for the eight soccer franchises in the inaugural ISL. 

What became the world’s fourth biggest football league with its very first game season in 2014, the Indian Super league (ISL) had an opening day that received 31.6 million TV viewers in India. 

The season ending in 2017 represented its third season with crowds growing and TV audiences growing as well. This is a product that is growing in popularity not only in terms of the Indian marketplace but the broader football marketplace as well.

The ISL 2016 final saw 41 million viewers on TV from the Indian marketplace between Atletico de Kolkata and Kerala Blasters. These statistics for TV viewers was up 41% on the final of ISL 2015. The final also broke the record for TV & Digital records for viewers and impressions. 

The 2016 season recorded a surge of over 25% in overall viewer engagement vis-à-vis ISL 2015. This showcases the enhanced quality of play complemented by new look graphics and the best of experts on the commentary panel, cutting across demographic boundaries and capturing the imagination of a diverse fan base.

The challenge for any side entering the ISL going forward will need a good quality supply of local Indian talent. The recent competition installments have all proven that reliance on older, foreign stars of yesteryear will simply not cut it in an ever competitive marketplace. 

The model

All our students will be contracted to the Diya Hope Football Group when they come into the program. As a part of the contract, we will provide the agent services for the students to move into the professional world and install mandatory fees in the contracts to ensure that not only is the academy paid for developing the talents but also ‘sell on’ clauses will mean that the academy is being paid from any on sale of players that clubs make of the players in their later years.

All our agents will be FIFA accredited agents and will be assigned to players independently of the academy they are in to ensure that their interests are being maintained and that there is no conflict of interests.

Our coaches will all be accredited coaches, endorsed by George Weah and the partner club to the academy. This will ensure that there is a close link to the partner club but also makes sure that the players are well rounded, skilled up and ready to develop to the standard where they can make it on the world stage. 

The academies are designed on the best developments in the world. From the development facilities at the best national academies in the world mixed with the best club facilities from leagues such as the MLS; we are here to develop the best and built the best facilities in the world. 

This academy will be training in the new TransStadia Stadium development in the heart of Ahmadabad . To see the promotional video for this new stadium click here.