Nirav Tripathi was born on 13 May, 1979, in Kalol, Gujarat, to Mr Vikrambhai Tripathi and Neelamben Tripathi and later moved to Ahmedabad. 

An entrepreneur and passionate sportsfan, he stepped into a foreign land with just $800 in his pocket and with a dream and a mission to complete his accountancy training. A born entrepreneur, he states that "I was not born to be an accountant", and it was his desire to do more than the average that had always pushed him against the tide from a young age. He established his first foreign based business at an early age. It all started with a modest cleaning business in Australia and New Zealand, which proved to be very successful. 

He continued to expand his business interests around the world and has built an impressive portfolio of investments with the majority managed under The Diya Group of Companies. His ability of turning difficult situations into opportunities has been a consistent theme in his business career, as has his willingness to adopt new technologies, ideas and suggestions. 

Mr Tripathi has a deep connection to his home country of India and despite success abroad he has continually sought to give back. His fondness for sports as a child remained an integral part of his personality and his desire to use sport as a transformative vehicle for those who may never have the opportunities he has had remains a key motivation for him. Coming from a land that worships the sport of cricket as a religion Mr Tripathi believes the World Game is a powerful platform to change lives for the better both in his home country and globally. 

It was in meeting the legendary footballer and humanitarian Mr George Weah that Mr Tripathi found a like-minded partner in seeking to use the game for profound positive change. 

Diya Hope Football Academy (DHFA) is one of Mr Tripathi’s most proudest achievements to date. His goal is to transform the current footballing landscape, and help emerging nations stand tall amongst other great footballing nations. To achieve this, Mr Tripathi has devised an elaborate strategy combining his ample resources and the greatest footballing minds of the generation.. 

DHFA will be building a number of academies across around the world with world-class infrastructure and coaches befitting the mammoth task ahead. These academies will focus on the entire development of the player. This academy will not only concentrate on football as a sport, but as a way of life, in the true spirit of how Mr George Weah also approached the game.